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I trained with Scott for several days in a workshop he led last fall. My lab Kona, and I are certified in avalanche rescue and working toward certifications in wilderness large area search and HRD. He was passionate, patient, and attentive to the varied issues each dog and handler was working through. I particularly appreciated his ability to keenly observe my dog and then articulate things that I hadn’t noticed before. Scott has a humble, quiet and poignant way of making suggestions that made me feel heard and respected. His advice was very helpful and I would definitely take another course with him again!


Scott is a creative, thoughtful and knowledgeable trainer. He is good with dogs AND people! I often struggle with my dog shutting down in these types of trainings, but Hank opened up and did some great search training and problem solving through weird scent cones when we worked with Scott! We highly recommend his services. Anna & Hank Avalanche Search Team, Big Sky, MT

Anna Kendall


Scott is more than an excellent trainer, he’s a fantastic coach … someone on your side, someone you can count on for support, authentic feedback and problem solving. He’s also a genuine leader, with a style that is positive and holistic and combines years of dog training and SAR mission experience  - what a joy!

A surefire win!


Janie Merickel

15 year SARK9 experience

Owner, Credo Canem - a HHRDD (historic human remains detection dog) think tank

Janie Merickel

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