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           I founded SAR CANINIE TRAINING in 2022 and embarked on a mission to connect, support and serve K9 teams throughout the country.  My immersion to the SAR K9 field began in 2013 following my deployment experience with SARDOC and my first mentor Ina and  K9 Finya.  I was absolutely awestruck by the bond and tenacity for the mission.  A true team who is ready to serve when called is vital.  Since that experience I have trained three SAR K9's and supported the growth and development of 100's of other K9 teams.  My forever heart K9 is Tundra.  He was my first partner who is now retired and enjoying the good life.  Tundra lead me through the most amazing journey.  We have trained all over the country, learned some essential lessons, deployed and now he is enjoying demonstration and the retired K9 life.  As an experiential educator and developer of leaders and teams I have a unique skill set for curriculum design, teaching, feedback, evaluation and effective documentation.  Together we can build a plan you can follow, see growth while working towards certification/validation and ultimately, be ready for the mission when called. I look forward to working with you, your K9 and your teams.  

Scott A. Robertshaw is a Career Firefighter with Central Crossing Fire Protection District and EMT with Mercy EMS.  As a volunteer, Scott is SAR K9 handler with the Missouri Search and Rescue K9 team along with his 3rd K9 Loki. Scott is the owner and lead instructor and trainer for his newly created business, SAR CANINE TRAINING, LLC whose mission is to “inspire, develop and support the airscent live find K9 handler and sar teams to become mission ready.”


Prior to the move to Missouri in 2022 from Colorado, Scott served as the President and member of Search and Rescue Dogs of Colorado.  While in Colorado, Scott was a volunteer First Responder with Beulah Fire and Protection District, Pueblo County Emergency Service/ SAR Team.


While at Colorado State University Pueblo, Scott created in 2015 a state-recognized Search and Rescue Team that was the 2 team in the state to be at a university primarily focusing on training students in the SAR field. 


As the Associate Director of Student Recreation for Colorado State University Pueblo. Scott directed the Outdoor Pursuits program and was an adjunct instructor for the Department of Exercises Science, Health Promotion, and Recreation. 


Scott has a B.S. in Physical Education K-12 at an M.Ed. in Health and Physical Education with an emphasis in Outdoor Education Administration from GC&SU. 

Scott A. Robertshaw’s experiences, philosophies, and intentions:


“As I reflect on my career as a servant leader, I have been a student, teacher, wilderness guide, outfitter, team development trainer, counselor, mentor, group facilitator, coach, technically skilled instructor, administrator, wilderness first responder, emergency medical technician and career firefighter. I have had the honor to serve my students, clients, patients, and community. Each of the roles I have earned in my career has provided valuable lessons and opportunities for growth.  


As a student, I am focused on the acquisition of knowledge and skills.  I strive to be exemplary in my understanding and execution.  As a teammate, my role is to know my responsibilities and those around me.  Teams are a reflection of every member and I strive to support my teammates in the task at hand with integrity and tenacity. 


As a leader, I embrace a situational leadership style that is flexible and considerate of the many factors and the people involved in a challenge, decision, scenario, or rescue.  I am confident in my ability to lead and follow.  I bring energy, enthusiasm, and a passion for learning and leading.  I contribute to the team, and whenever possible, empower others to realize their inner strengths through facing challenges and surmounting them.  Facilitating a co-creative environment has been some of the most challenging and rewarding work in my personal and professional lives.  

In 2009, I was honored to receive the Servant Leader Award from the Association for Experiential Education.  Experiential Education has provided a platform for learning and growth and continues to be a source of strength, inspiration, and hope. The people and our work are sacred.”

Scott A. Robertshaw

Owner & Trainer

Operational Live Find Airscent K9 Unit

Certified Canine Athlete Specialist 


Inspiring & Supporting K9 Teams to be Mission Ready

Dedicated to Tundra


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